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"It Seems Unhealthy Here." "It's Just a Party, Janet."

Get out of those dirty polyester seats and kiss that stale movie-theater air goodbye, because the interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show will now be performed. Inside. A. Bar. Enter the dancing-and-drinking ($3 "Frank-N-Furter" shots) world -- the smoky-aired castle Respectable Street. Really, Rocky Horror Picture Show was meant to be performed inside Respectables: The venue is dark, musty -- lust is not sparse in there. And what is Rocky Horror if not love, lust, and jealous rage that causes murderous intentions? That place, Respectables, is so sexually healthy (via kids grinding) that the only way to up the ante is to add guys dressed as transvestites and virgin initiations.

Characters are kinky, and you're asked to dress as your favorite: There is Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a scientist who looks killer in a corset; and Janet, a scared girl who proves herself later when she's found in Rocky's birth tank -- with Rocky. Respects refers to her as the "slut" and to Brad, her husband, as the "asshole." You got servant/handyman Riff Raff, a groupie, a sister-lover, the beautiful creation known as Rocky Horror (cheers to the muscular and shirtless), and Meat Loaf. You got Meat Loaf starring as Eddie, the ex-delivery boy.

There is a do-and-don't list on what to bring for your survival kit: Bring a piece of newspaper (one page is fine), a lighter, a small squirt gun (they ask for no Super Soakers; this ain't spring break '94), noisemakers and party blowers (though those are not that loud -- so air horn, maybe?), a bell (car keys can work), and five to six playing cards. You will not be allowed to bring toilet paper. While there, you and your friend must not plan a coup against the bathroom attendants, taking over all their supplies. Do not run inside the bathrooms and steal the rolls, OK? No hot dogs. Silly string, also a no-no. Leave the friggin' food at home: No rice or toast. Sorry, ladies, this could get bad: no tampons. Eh, why would you want to being a tampon anyways if Super Soakers aren't allowed? (They're not that fierce of a weapon dry.) For the unprepared, this time Respectable Street will be selling its own survival kit for $3. No cover.

It's also Transmission Fridays, so classic '80s pop, goth, new wave, and punk tunes will be played after the show until 4 a.m. at Respectable Street (518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach). Call 561-832-9999, or visit
Fri., Oct. 14, 9 p.m., 2011

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