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It Takes a Village

The Jackson Five. The Osmonds. The Culkins. While those are all fine Hollywood clans in their own rights, we would simply scoff if they released new works under the moniker “The Talent Family.” That title is reserved exclusively for Amy and David Sedaris. Aside from their other, more lucrative efforts, the pair collaborates roughly once a year on a stage production. One of those plays, The Book of Liz, is being performed this Friday and Saturday, and again on April 4th and 5th by the Il Nomo theatre group.

Liz is a simple girl; she’s pleased as punch to spend her days sculpting cheese balls (both smoky and regular) at Clusterhaven (her religious village; she’s a member of a devout group known as the Squeamish). But soon Liz realizes that she’s missing something in her life, the cheese ball of her soul is too bland, and she escapes Clusterhaven in search of a great adventure. Fans of Cockney-speaking Ukrainians, humans dressed in Planters Peanuts suits, llamas, recovering alcoholics, sweating disorders, pilgrims, and Gouda will find something to cheer about during The Book of Liz. Give it up for cheese tonight at 8 p.m. at the CMAA Therapeutic Recreational Complex (2728 Lake Worth Rd., Lake Worth).
Fri., March 21, 8 p.m., 2008

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