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Les B-Friends

The underground break dancing scene is already kind of a niche group; if you don’t know the key players, it can be a little tough to worm your way in. Besides, you would have to strap on more than a helmet to assimilate comfortably at most of these y-chromosome-heavy battles. Where is a lesbian b-girl to go? How about Davie? Yes, it’s true. In Broward’s least expected location, just past the stables and Republicans, ladies are breaking out their funkiest footwork every Saturday night at Cloud 9’s (7126 Sterling Road, Davie) weekly breakdancing battles. If your robot short circuits the competition, you could pop ´n’ lock away with the $100 prize money. So polish your helmet, scrap together some cardboard, and for god’s sake, do your nails – you might make friends and uprock the crowd at the Cloud. Visit
Saturdays, 2006

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