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Live 9

Sunday night isn’t the most lucrative time for pub owners. Long after the weekend drunks have closed their tabs, only the most loyal customers remain… OK, them and the crowd watching the live rock bands. Sure enough, when the customers are away, the bands play. For the past year and a half, Mike Hooker of Low Fidelity Events has been booking Sunday night shows at Maguire’s Hill 16 (535 Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale). This Sunday, Hooker lays down the final tracks for the upcoming CD, Live At Maguire’s, a 17-band compilation featuring two nights’ worth of performances by local bands. Last week featured the first eight bands; this week wraps things up with nine more of SoFla’s underground up-and-comers.

“What started off as a once-a-month event to showcase local talent has quickly blossomed into a much larger spectacle in which national acts like Wayne Hancock, Electric Frankenstein, and the Independents grace the stage,” Hooker says, referring to acts that have either already made an appearance or will in the future. “We found that since the bar is centered between Miami and West Palm, our shows always seem to draw an unexpected amount of people who drive from either direction.”

Sure enough, when the location’s right and the music’s even righter, no amount of suburban sprawl can keep the kids from coming together. Sunday’s lineup is as follows (in order of appearance): the Remnants, Shuttle Lounge, Leading the Heroes, ´77 Swindle, Red State Riot, Malt Liquor Riot, the Shakers, Good Life Cycle, and Ate Away. Admission costs $5. Call 954-764-4453, or visit
Sun., Feb. 19

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