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“Livin’ on a Prayer” is great,

Right now there are two classes of people: those with tickets for tomorrow night’s Bon Jovi concert and those without. Ticket holders are understandably excited; they get to see ol’ Jon Bon make bedroom eyes at the audience -- thousands of pairs of panties will be dampened in unison.

But what about the group which didn’t shell out between $19.50 and $132.50 for a ticket, $40 for a collector’s tee shirt, and another $40 for stadium snacks? We’ll call them the Recession Savvy Group, or RSG. The RSG understands economic terminology like “stagflation,” and they’ve already begun squirreling their nuts away for a long, cold winter. But even though the RSG is more cautious with its spending than the ticket holders, don’t be misled: The RSG still likes to rock the fuck out. That’s why you’ll find them at Gatsby’s (901 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach) tonight, holding their cell phones up for Slippery When Wet, the officially authorized Bon Jovi Tribute band. Yes! The cover is only ten bucks and there is no nosebleed section, just a lot of great food, yummy drinks, good people, and a bitchin’ band headed up by a guy who kinda looks like Jon Bon -- if you squint. Who said that “tough times,” have to be? RSVP at 561-686-7300, and check out the menu at
Fri., April 25, 2008

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