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Look Out Ladies! You Mai Tai One On!

For many years it was widely believed that the greatest thing about the Mai-Kai wasn’t the fire dancing (although it is hypnotizing). Or the bikini-clad waitresses (also hypnotizing). Or even the mystery drink (If you’ve never ordered one, it involves: fire, a gong, and a dancer from the floor show). No! The greatest thing about the Mai-Kai was its generous 2-4-1 happy hour with half-priced appetizers (daily, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.). Well, now slightly more than 50 percent of the population is changing its mind. Enter, Ladies’ Night at the Mai-Kai.

Every Friday the masterminds of our favorite Polynesian joint bring a surf band in to perform in the Molokai bar during and beyond the happy hour time frame. (Tonight, you’ll hang ten with Cutback.) And now they’ve made Fridays even sweeter (and drunker) to the fairer sex by offering specials to women, all night long. The less adventurous can indulge in $3 glasses of wine and domestic beers, or $4 well drinks. But most ladies take advantage of the Mai-Kai’s greatest bargain ever, beautiful $5 vodka Mai Tais, all dolled up with orchids and mint leaves. Recession be damned.
Fridays, 2008

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