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Oldies But Goodies

Whether you’re already a film buff with a love for the classics or someone who’s kind of into film but feels your education is lacking, this is the film festival for you. Although the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival — October 18 to November 11 at Cinema Paradiso — is a world-renowned event featuring the latest and greatest indie and art-house films and drawing major celebrities into our humble midst, the Classic Film Festival at the Classic Gateway Theatre pays homage to the greats. Arthur E. Friedman, film producer and operating partner of the theater, says, “The magic of seeing a great movie in a classic movie theater is what dreams are made of. All the movies in this festival were made to be seen in a theater, where they belong.” And they will certainly be screening some greats, including Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, and Dr. Zhivago. There will also be more modern-ish classics like Tootsie and Young Frankenstein. Did you love Sleepless in Seattle but didn’t understand all the references to An Affair to Remember? Do yourself an enormous favor and catch the classic starring Debra Kerr and Cary Grant. (Just bring tissues.)
Fri., Aug. 30, 2013

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