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Pay for Play

Watching the waning seconds of the Super Bowl this year, a fan was left with a hollow feeling: This was the last televised football game until August. (Unless you count the odious Pro Bowl, and if that’s the case, for shame.) Fortunately, we have heroes such as Michael Irvin, the Hall of Fame Cowboys receiver who seems to have outgrown his coke-and-fur coat phase to do things like raise money for children, or something. If you want to pay to hang out with him, under the guise of raising money for children, or something, you can hit a “VIP Reception” at Jazziz Bistro on Thursday the 6th, or dole out $1,500 for you and two or your buddies to join a “celebrity guest” to complete your foursome at a golf tournament at Bonaventure Country Club on Friday the 7th.

If you’d rather skip the canoodling and head straight for the football, he’s throwing a 7-on-7 flag football championship at the Hard Rock at noon on Saturday. His “All-Star Celebrity team” will probably go head to head with (and probably whip the snot out of) the local teams that fought so valiantly for the opportunity to be crushed by them. But that’s what they said about the Giants, too! Get your pigskin on at the Hard Rock Live (5747 Seminole Way, Hollywood). Call Playmaker Charities and Foundation at 305-444-4435, or visit or go to for tickets, which cost $10.
Fri., March 7; Sat., March 8, 2008

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