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She knows what you're thinking
She knows what you're thinking

She Sees Dead People

Ever get the feeling that you're not alone, and then you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up? If so, you might want to put away the damn Ouija board and get in touch with Michelle Whitedove. Among the New Age expo-obsessed, crystal-squeezing, feng shui-loving, dolphin mind-reading South Floridians, this local multitasker has all her otherworldly bases covered. She's a psychic, a medium, an author (she's written She Talks to Angels and Angels Are Talking), a TV host (Between Worlds on UPN), and a lecturer, and she even holds the coveted "guest expert" title. She's a clairvoyant, she says, and she can communicate with her guardian angels to receive information about world events and personal issues. With one foot in the grave, figuratively speaking, Whitedove sees, hears, and feels those who have "crossed over."

"My psychic abilities are something I cannot turn off," Whitedove explains. "I hate going into a crowded restaurant or airport, because I am constantly bombarded by information about people I don't know. It can be disappointing at times, because what people are really thinking is shocking. But it's also great to be able to help people. Being psychic is a double-edged sword."

Whitedove recently crossed the country, Ghostbusters-style, in search of some spiritual attention for her latest book, Ghost Stalker. She recounts her journey to America's most haunted places. That includes the Queen Mary in Long Beach, the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, the Birdcage Theatre in Arizona, and the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. "As a psychic investigator, I wanted to find the locations and get answers directly from the souls haunting these places," Whitedove says. "My life is dedicated to resolving folklore and misleading religious concepts." Can she really communicate with your departed loved ones? Will she tap into your essential spirit (or maybe your gullibility)?

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