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She’s Got a Big Mouth

How does one explain a Sandra Bernhard show? Musical revue? Stand-up comedy? A one-woman rant on the demise of society? Yes -- to all of the above. A Sandra Bernhard show is like crawling into Sandra Bernhard's brain and slithering around in the cavernous chaos of her ever-changing thoughts.

One moment, she's lobbing bombs at the Lindsay Lohans of the world; the next, she's giving a poignant dissertation on the death of Kitty Carlisle Hart – and just when she has you in a cozy place, WHAM!, she clobbers you over the head with a diatribe on the Iraq disaster. Amazingly, you’re actually angry right along with her. The Bernhard rage is that infectious. Then, what’s that? It's time for a song?! Suddenly you're bathed in the richness of her delicious alto, tastefully balancing jazz standards with Guns & Roses. It would all seem self-indulgent and obtuse except for the fact that she's so, so good. She’ll promote her latest CD, Everything Bad & Beautiful, at the Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach) Saturday and Sunday. Tonight, there’s a 7:30 and 10:00 show. Tickets range from $45 to $100. Get ´em from Ticketmaster, or go straight to the Colony Theater to exchange the surcharge for fuel prices. Call 305-674-1040, or visit

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