"Snow White Trash" at Infinite Abyss: A Grimm Fairy Tale Gets a Tawdry Face-Lift in This Uninspired Comedy

For what it's worth, Infinite Abyss' production of Snow White Trash delivers exactly what you would expect from its title. Problem is, it's not worth much. The Grimm Brothers' fairy tale is recast in a South Florida trailer park, complete with humorous references to Davie and Tamarac.

Fleeing the murderous grip of the Evil Queen (Kitt Marsh), ditzy Snow White (perkily played by Danielle Tabino) stumbles into a mobile home littered with half-empty beer cans and gutter porn magazines. The trailer's residents, the Dwarfs — Hi, Ho, Spanky, and Dr. E — exploit the naïve princess while unwittingly saving her from the Evil Queen's poison apples, suffocating corsets, and other sundry attacks.

Erynn Dalton and Jeffrey D. Holmes, Infinite Abyss' resident producer and director, respectively, developed the story, and they're both a lot better than this schlock. Snow White Trash plays like a half-developed comedy sketch extended without mercy into a full-length play. Its dearth of inspiration includes pop-culture homages to films — Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction, and Titanic — that are more than a decade old and have been parodied better elsewhere. Only Jim Gibbons, as the Willie Nelson-channeling Dr. E. Dwarf, transcends the material.


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