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Space Oddity

Why dish out $4,950 (not including sales tax) to experience a weightless flight like the G-FORCE ONE? (1) You can float like an astronaut. (2) You can join the ranks of Nicole Kidman, Joey Fatone, Martha Stewart, and Ozzy Osbourne. (3) You can fly like a superhero. (4) You get private transportation to and from the Fort Lauderdale Airport (320 Terminal Drive, Fort Lauderdale). (5) You get a ZERO-G flight suit and patch. (6) A world-class photographer will take a photo of your gravity-defying ass. (7) You get a certificate.

If you have the cash to spend, you’ll experience 15 different weightless sensations, each lasting roughly half a minute, during the two-hour flight. Note: The weightless experience on suborbital flights lasts only about half this long. Call 888-664-7284, or visit
Sat., May 8, 8 a.m., 2010

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