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Ten Filmmakers Fight it Out

You hold the fate of an aspiring filmmaker in your hands. The Manhattan Short Film Festival is screening in 173 cities across the world this week and Mos'Art Theater (700 Park Ave., Lake Park) is the only place in South Florida you can catch it. In addition to voting on your favorite of ten short films (thus crushing the dreams of nine other filmmakers), Mos'Art is hosting the "Reel Art" exhibit and screening the 1999 masterpiece Fight Club. Reel Art features the works of eight local artists, who use film as an inspiration for their contemporary art. If you can't find beauty between the short films (which were picked from a pool of 428), David Fincher's portrayal of Tyler Durden, and the collection of cinematically inspired art from local artists, you can no longer claim to enjoy film or have an opinion on Michael Bay's newest collection of explosions. The exhibit and Manhattan Short Film Festival open Friday at 6 p.m. Fight Club costs $6 and screens at 9. Admission to the Film Festival costs $6, and the event continues Saturday and Sunday. The Reel Art is free and will be on display through October 25. Call 561-337-6763, or visit
Fri., Sept. 25, 6 p.m., 2009

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