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2008. What a crazy year. You can’t deny that there were some good things that happened in the past 12 months — we’re looking at you, Barack Obama, SNL skits, and the Dark Knight. But let’s face it: 2008 might’ve been the worst year in recent memory. Like pachinko balls dropped from some skyward deity with a twisted sense of humor, the hits just seemed to keep on coming. Gas prices were pretty bad, and then the recession came. Houses were lost, industry crumbled, and then the Jonas Brothers showed up and shit really hit the fan. But you know what, folks? It’s almost over. If ever there was a reason to crawl out of your bomb shelter, it’s the glowing promise of 2009. A party is in order! So take a look here at New Times’ handy suggestions on where to best start off your year of hope.
Wed., Dec. 31, 11:59 p.m., 2008

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