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That Wascally Wabbit

The psycho ward. The loony bin. The wacky shack. Whatever you call it, it’s not where most people want to rent a room, let alone be committed to by their loved ones. And for Veta, the well-intentioned woman in Mary Chase’s Harvey, showing concern for brother Elwood has unintended consequences. Big time. After trying to commit Elwood to a, um, home for the ontologically challenged, Veta’s plan backfires. It’s all because of Harvey, the giant, invisible rabbit Elwood claims to have befriended. The problem is, when Veta takes Elwood to that special place, the doctor thinks she’s the crazy one. Meanwhile, the specter of a giant bunny seems more real as the play rolls on. Just ask Elwood: “I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, doctor, and I’m happy to state I’ve finally won out over it.” Hmm … perhaps he’s onto something. Harvey opens Friday and runs through April 23 at the Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave., Lake Worth). Tickets cost $21 and $26. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
April 7-23

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