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The Arting of Miami

The exhibition is called “Inevitable Continuum,” though it was not in the least bit inevitable. If Westen Charles, Elizabeth Withstandley, and the artist known as “Cooper” hadn’t decided to set up a space for young, starving artists in the Wynwood ten years ago, there wouldn’t be any continuum at all. Back then, Wynwood wasn’t the Basel of the Americas; it was just another warehouse district where nobody much wanted to be. It’s impossible to tell how much impact Charles, Withstandley, and Cooper had on the remarkable transformation that followed, but you can assume it was quite a bit: within five years of their founding Locust Projects (105 NW 23rd St., Miami), you could smell drying oil paint from every sidewalk in the district.

So, Locust — which now not only exhibits young artists, but thanks to a cooperative efforts with the nearby Fountainhead residencies, can even house them — probably deserves a celebration. And they’re getting one. For “Inevitable Continuum,” the organization’s 10th anniversary event, Locust has tapped previously featured, established artists to invite young up-and-comers of their own choosing to participate in the exhibit. That’s the “continuum” right there — a paint-slinging take on paying it forward. On display you’ll find sculpture, paintings, installation art, film, and mural; the whole scope of visual art. The exhibition features a fabulous reception that’s open to you, the public, this evening at 7 p.m.; the show itself runs through December 31. Find more info at, or by calling 305-576-8570.
Dec. 6-31, 7 p.m., 2008

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