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The pan pipes are fired up, and Eva Aylln is smokin'.
The pan pipes are fired up, and Eva Aylln is smokin'.

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

THU 14

When Eva Ayllón started out, she would sing in restaurants, dance with little folkloric groups, and jam with any ol' dude blowing a pan pipe. This is how she captured the hearts and ears of all of Peru. Like all good divas, however, she had to go solo, sell out stadiums of 30,000, and launch an acting career. Last year, at a Los Angeles performance, she announced, "I'm not going to stop what I'm doing until every American has heard these songs." This chick isn't messing around; we hear she bought some digs in New Jersey just before setting out on her national tour. Might as well submit to her sexy sounds -- a mix of Peru's indigenous, African, and Spanish influences. To give you an idea how huge she is, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts (201 SW Fifth Ave., Fort Lauderdale) had to add a second show -- Aylln goes on-stage at both 6 and 8 p.m. -- because of high demand. Tickets cost $29.50. Call 954-462-0222, or visit

FRI 15

As far as revolutions go, this one's normal. At first, the movement is disorganized. Then, one by one, disaffected people start to join the legions. Soon, the regime gets toppled, and the guerrilla leaders either go down in heroic flames or get old and fat and argue about who gets which position in the government ("No, I wanna be the president pro tempore! You be the minority whip!"). Thankfully, Revolution (200 E. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale) is still in its exciting, anarchist-tinged infancy. That explains why "Pulp," the club's Friday-night event, offers a schizophrenic mix of rock, old-school hip-hop, indie rock, new wave, and retro punk. Notice that, already, DJs Matt Cash, LoLo, Jimmy James, and Adam Wrong have defected from their gigs at Vice, Deck, Revolver, and Crush to come spin at the cavernous HQ. Slip on your uniform -- you know, that Che Guevara T-shirt from Urban Outfitters -- and head over. Today, Himmarshee; tomorrow, the world. The chaos begins at 11 p.m., and the cover costs $7. Call 954-727-0950, or visit

SAT 16

Hmmm. A renowned ballet and dance company is presenting a night of indie music by local folk and punk acts? In-teresting. We understand your suspicion. Could this be a ploy? Like a church that builds a skate park to reverse its hemorrhaging membership list, this could be a way of recruiting young people to start fancy-prancing around in tights! Especially considering that tonight's Local Music Night is just one piece of Klein Dance Company's ongoing fall festival. But, hey, even that wouldn't be so bad! There's more to life than Marshall stacks, you know! Get your face outta the bass and slouch on over to the Klein Dance Performance Space (811 Lake Ave., Lake Worth) for some recon. The show starts at 7 p.m. Call 561-586-1889.

SUN 17

Like bats flying through the blackest night, the Lankry family navigates South Florida's dark cultural landscape and hones in on the most interesting, unique, and intelligent artists and musicians. The prey may hide under rocks, attempt to flee to Miami, or burrow into the bowels of the Art Institute. But it can't hide! It is bitten and brought back to the cave -- a.k.a. Hollywood's Club Sonar (2006 Hollywood Blvd.) -- which the Lankry family owns and runs. Here, the artists are forced to play to a crowd of hip and good-looking people living in harmony and grooving to progressive house. Tonight, DJs Baby Sean and Ro-e take over the decks. Follow the red beams of light to the ultramodern space. There's no cover. Call 954-920-8777, or visit

MON 18

Was that a pig that just flew by? Quite possibly, because tonight marks an event that happens about as often as a snowstorm in Sunrise. That's right -- a local club night has lasted an entire year. Of course, this isn't some half-assed effort by a bored college kid looking for creative ways to get laid ("Step into the VIP booth, baby"). It's the One-Year Anniversary of MIA Mondays at Mama Mia (1818 S. Young Cir., Hollywood), and tonight's event (sponsored by New Times) is nothing short of first-class, with sets by DJs Oscar G, Edgar V, Baby Anne, and Garfield. That means lots of trance, house, and breakbeats. Show up between 10 p.m. and midnight for a complimentary dinner and champagne (well, for the ladies, at least). So cross your finger, and let's hope for more anniversaries to come. Call 954-673-5555.

TUE 19

There's nothing like a good feud to stir up some publicity. And if you can draw the ire of someone as big as Eminem, you're guaranteed at least a few minutes in the spotlight. By the time Insane Clown Posse took on the shady one with its parody "Slim Anus," the hip-hop jokers had already caused enough of a stink after Disney-owned Hollywood Records canned their 1997 album, The Great Milenko, for being too obscene. And then there's the time ICP got into a scuffle at an Indiana Waffle House. Or the time Violent J got arrested for bopping a fan on the head with his mic. Or how about when the clowns thoroughly insulted Sharon Osborne on the Howard Stern Show? The fun never ends, eh? The Posse gathers with Mushroom Head at 7 tonight at the Kelsey Club (700 Park Ave., Lake Park). Tickets cost $29.75 to $34. Call 561-296-1407, or visit

WED 20

"Everyone wants to understand painting. Why is there not an attempt to understand the song of birds?" O-kaaay... With a statement like that, you're dealing with either a true-blue artist or your average LSD casualty. In this case, thankfully, it's the former -- Tunisian-born artist Benny Narkis. He likes birds, to be sure. But his Picasso-like paintings are primarily of human subjects with doves (or even fish) embedded into the portraits as open-ended symbols. Even without such symbolism, Narkis' fauve-inspired color schemes are enough to convey a palette of emotions. Oh yeah: Narkis served in the Israeli Army, so this is hardly the work of some Starbucks-patronizing hippie. "Shades of Life: The Benny Narkis Collection" opens today at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (1799 SE 17th St. Cswy., Fort Lauderdale). The exhibit runs through October 31. Call 954-463-3000.

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