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Throwing Shade

In January, indie toy and art shop Pink Ghost held a release party for the local hip-hop T-shirt line, Shadesofredd, right outside its storefront. The Shades crew brought together a host of dance and hip-hop collectives from across South Florida to dramatic result: the pop and lockers, collaborative dance acts, and break dancers drew a huge crowd of bystanders who watched in amazement as a group of free-thinking 20-somethings brought Riverfront to a standstill using only a patch of linoleum and their talent. Naturally, police officers gathered nearby, just itching to shut the thing down. But the music and dance carried on well into the eve.

And so it will Thursday, when Shadesofredd brings the group back together for its annual Dance Showcase, held in the main parking lot of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Dubbed “Decades of Dance,” the event will celebrate music and dance culture by presenting styles as widely varied as Capoeira, break dancing, and African tribal. Let it be said, these crews have mad skills: U4RIA Dance Studio of Coral Springs, a group of movers and shakers who performed on America’s Best Dance Crew, will throw down some well-choreographed sets, as will the heralded Miami collective, Boogie Squad. The party won’t stop at just dance, either: Shadesofredd promises spoken word, poetry, DJs, and live music to boot, plus a tent courtesy of Red Bull, free food, and a whole new line of T-shirts to be sold.

Show up at 5 p.m. at 1799 SE 17th St. in Fort Lauderdale with $5 cover in hand — unless you’re an A.I. student, in which case you get in free with your I.D. For more info, call 678-918-0659, or visit
Thu., May 21, 5 p.m., 2009

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