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Turn Your Swag On!

Ten reasons why you should go to a Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Tribute Show.

1) These pop crooners defined ’60s counterculture. This was the peak of human entertainment. (Yeah, we’re willing to wager.)

2) Sinatra womanized, and women liked it.

3) Getting your tribute fix: Tony Sands as Frank Sinatra and Dave Michaels as Dean Martin. (Pass up Sublime’s tribute act, Badfish, this time around, why don’t you?)

4) Inspiration for your own nickname. You want to drink with Old Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board, or the King of Cool.

5) Frank’s slapstick and chatter. Dean’s lovable-drunk shtick.

6) The songs “My Way” and “Volare.”

7) Be spontaneous, just like Frank and Dean. Wherever they would perform, the hotel marquees would read: “Dean Martin — Maybe Frank — Maybe Sammy.”

8) You could use a swagger reboot. (Something a Soulja Boy song doesn’t rekindle, no matter how many times you sing: “Hopped up out the bed turn my swag on.”)

9) Dean Martin delivered bootleg liquor.

10) Because when you see a show like this — Old Blue Eyes singing, Dean Martin dancing, the Chairmman of the Board and the King of Cool telling jokes back and forth — that’s amore.

Tickets cost $20. Find Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts at 7143 N. Pine Island Rd. in Tamarac. Call 954-726-7898, or visit
Sat., Nov. 21, 8 p.m., 2009

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