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We All Wear the Ribbon

Your faith in your neighbors is restored every October. That’s when the folks you’d least expect to see reppin’ a pink ribbon show up wearing one to rock concerts, work, and school. It’s great that Breast Cancer Awareness Month has so many opportunities for the community to get involved, but what about special services for those who need it most: women recovering from the big B.C.?

Renee Maschinot wants to help make a difference, one boob at a time. She’s owner of local spa space Pe:tite Re:treat (907 NE 20 Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Behind the Gateway Plaza). For the month of October she’s offering complimentary areola repigmentation to women who have gone through reconstructive breast surgery. “What happens often to women who have gone through countless operations, is that there’s no color left in the areola,” Maschinot says. Haven’t survivors been through enough without winding up with white or transparent areolas? Maschinot thinks so. That’s why she uses a permanent make-up procedure to delicately tattoo the areas, giving them back that old, familiar, hue. Give a call to 954-600-6325 for a consultation.
Oct. 6-31, 2008

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