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Whistling Dixie

There are few songs as commanding as "Sweet Georgia Brown." No matter where you are or who you are, when you hear those mercurial, whistling notes play you're almost insatiably forced to want to pick up a basketball and roll it over your shoulders from one arm to the other, before popping it up in the air with a flick of your wrist and catching the spinning orb on a single, outstretched forefinger. Of course, you would fail at this task miserably. But then again, you are not a Harlem Globetrotter.

The original high-flying, acrobatic basketball superstars are, however, headed your way. The Globetrotters of Harlem will be performing - er, playing - an exhibition game today at 2 p.m. at the BankAtlantic Center. So get courtside, queue up the "Sweet Georgia Brown," and get ready to watch grown men perform aerial maneuvers with a basketball you only wish you could.

Find the BAC at One Panther Pkwy. in Sunrise. Tickets will cost you $19 to $145. Get them at
Sat., March 28, 2 p.m., 2009

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