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You are Just That Into Him

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw turned to her erstwhile boyfriend Berger for relationship advice and the uttered the now-famous line “He’s just not that into you,” Greg Behrendt’s name was rocketed into the forefront of American consciousness. Well, all right. Maybe “forefront,” is overstating it, but he was on Oprah.

Behrendt was the heterosexual male consultant for that famous episode of Sex in the City, the guy who actually penned the line “He’s just not that into you.” Since then, everyone caught the catch phrase, and Behrendt has cleverly parlayed it into two best-selling books, television shows, and even DVD’s. But even before this, Behrendt had been paying his dues in the stand-up comedy trenches. You can learn from his experience – or at least laugh at it – when he brings his unique and witty take on life’s little foibles, complete with advice for the newly single, to the Improv (550 S. Rosemary Ave., Ste. 250, West Palm Beach) this week. Tickets are only $23.43 and he’s playing Thursday through Sunday. Visit
Jan. 10-13, 2008

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