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You Say You Want A Revolution

Do you even lift, bro? Prove it after this round of burpees. CrossFit can be the subject of many a debate. Does it go too far? Should everyone and her mom be doing it? What CrossFit gym reigns supreme? One thing we can agree on is that South Florida is obsessed. Emerging as one of the CrossFit-iest regions, SoFlo knows it's time to show up. That's why a major two-day, all-ages event like the Revolution Games will bring the gym birds and thrill seekers out in droves. This is no Hunger Games although considering the physical strain, it's not too far off. The competition will be fierce, and those who dub themselves unable to train with the best of them will have plenty of watching to do. Wait, did someone say afterparty? With a killer location at Revolution Live, the entire two days will be a party. But a designated time to kick it sweaty style after the workout of the year ain't bad either. The Revolution Games are Saturday and Sunday at Revolution Live, located at 100 SW Third Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Registration is $110 per person. Visit, or call 954-629-4636.
Sat., April 12; Sun., April 13, 2014

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