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  • Cindini

    published December 28, 2000

    Across the street from the Palm Beach Kennel Club, royal palms stand like sentries under a blue sky striated with cumulus clouds. People scrimp... More >>

  • Stage Fright

    published December 14, 2000

    Beethoven's Symphony no. 6 in F major, op. 68, "Pastorale," has five movements. The first, allegro ma non troppo, describes the awakening... More >>

  • Down For the Recount

    published November 16, 2000

    The 24 hours after Election Day 2000 were perhaps the most chaotic time in South Florida history since Hurricane Andrew struck. So, in the... More >>

  • Smear Campaign

    published November 2, 2000

    A portrait of a mysterious man hangs on a white wall in the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray... More >>

  • Hortt No More

    published September 21, 2000

    Read Hortt No More 2 Early this year the Museum of... More >>

  • Branch Managers

    published September 14, 2000

    Jack Martin's foot presses down ever so slightly on the gas pedal, inching the white, government-issue Ford Ranger through the gentle curves of a... More >>

  • Welcome to KKKMart

    published August 17, 2000

    Scrawled in green, the cursive Stein Mart logo stands out against the coral stucco of the strip mall. This is Boca Raton, the pink city, so color... More >>

  • Attention: Prepare To Be Confused

    published July 13, 2000

    Three tourists step out of the bright light, their pupils dilating in the newfound shade. They glance, bug-eyed, at their green plastic poker... More >>

  • Brother, Can You Spare a Can?

    published June 29, 2000

    Warren Chiavaroli doesn't give money to panhandlers. No, he says matter-of-factly, he gives cans. Well, not a can, really. It's actually a... More >>

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