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1999 Stories by Ben Greenman

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  • Ten For the Ages

    published December 30, 1999

    Everyone save for the most tolerant readers has probably had his or her fill of millennium lists. There isn't anyone who hasn't been assaulted by... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published December 30, 1999

    Kelis Kaleidoscope (Virgin) In a genre that relies on sonic and visual conformity, blond-and-pink-haired singer... More >>

  • Clown Jewel

    published July 29, 1999

    Eight things, true and otherwise, that Jewel has said: 1. "Sure, sex sells." I've never seen Jewel in person, mind you, but I have... More >>

  • Foreigner and Journey: In Their Own Words

    published July 1, 1999

    Rock songs can be pure lyrical magic, succinct expressions of powerful emotions. These aren't. Still, Journey and Foreigner dealt with some... More >>

  • Feels Like the Umpteenth Time

    published July 1, 1999

    Every once in a great while, I get a sensation that begins at the base of my brain, one that starts out as a mild warmth but intensifies to a... More >>

Archives: 1999 | 1998