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  • 8 years ago | Concerts

    Prog-rock kings Yes are known for their intricate and multimovement songs, ethereal lyrics and harmonies, and fantasy-fueled album-cover art (mostly by Roger Dean, who also designed their distinctive logo). Through the '60s and '70s, albums like F...

  • 9 years ago | Music News

    As he writes in his highly readable autobiography, Alice Cooper, Golf Monster, the father of shock rock credits the game for helping him maintain his sobriety, replacing a fondness for heavy boozing with the decidedly healthier obsession of birdie...

  • 10 years ago | Interviews

    Isn't a lavish, coffee-table hardcover book on "The Only Band That Mattered" something of a sellout, a blatant attempt at a cold-cash grab reaching out to middle-aged men whose Mohawks have turned gray or mall kids who think the Ramones are too so...

  • 10 years ago | Interviews

    To his champions, Gram Parsons was a cult hero, musical genius, and the primary inventor of "country rock." But he was also a tragic figure who died prematurely, an artist whose work has never been properly appreciated. To his critics, Parsons was...

  • 10 years ago | Interviews

    Well before he became a befuddled, cuddly, idiotic reality TV star and living cartoon, Ozzy Osbourne really was the Prince of Darkness. Fronting Black Sabbath, the heaviest of heavy bands with really no precedent in sound or style, guitarist Tony ...

  • 11 years ago | Interviews

    A band has some kind of amazing longevity if you can still be "the new guy" after 30 years in the lineup. But that's exactly the case with Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, whose life story is told in his new book, Ronnie. Unfortunately, Wood's r...


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