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2007 Stories by Brandon K. Thorp

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  • Rewind and Zap

    published May 24, 2007

    By Bruce Graham. Directed by Louis Tyrell. With Andrew Rasmussen, Laura Turnbull, and Stephen Schnetzer. Presented through June 17 at... More >>

  • American Magic

    published May 17, 2007

    The Voice of the Prairie is almost certainly the strongest offering from Palm Beach Dramaworks this season, and that's saying a lot. Though... More >>

  • The Purple Lotus

    published May 10, 2007

    312 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach 561-337-4610 More >>

  • Home, Home on Durang

    published May 10, 2007

    Written by Christopher Durang. Directed by Robert Hooker. With Julia Clearwood, Erynn Dalton, Jenna Gavaletz, Jeff Holmes, Daivd Tarryn-Grae, and... More >>

  • The Yard House

    published May 3, 2007

    The Yard House, and Downtown at the Gardens in general, is hip like a McMansion, hip like Weston, hip like Celebration, Florida, and Irvine,... More >>

  • Comfy With the Hoity-Toity

    published May 3, 2007

    By the end of the first act of David Carlson's new operatic adaptation of Anna Karenina, I couldn't wait to get home and excoriate the... More >>

  • The Secret, Fort Lauderdale

    published April 26, 2007

    An ordinary Wednesday at Alligator Alley, 9 p.m.: Felix Pastorius is warming up on his bass, nimble-fingered, notes flying all over the place. His... More >>

  • Steel Video Lounge and Dance Club

    published April 26, 2007

    Stepping into Steel's Video Lounge on a Wednesday night is something like time travel. Visitors are whisked suddenly and violently back to the... More >>

  • Women of Iraq

    published April 26, 2007

    The purpose of 9 Parts of Desire is to get us thinking about Iraqis not in sectarian or sociological terms but as individuals. Thinking... More >>

  • Palm Beach, Off the Map

    published April 19, 2007

    Since the Palm Beach International Film Festival went competitive in 2003, it's slathered love on a pretty diverse array of films. The award for... More >>

  • Cleaning House

    published April 19, 2007

    Michael Feingold is a wonderful, witty, and cantankerous coot, and his work makes me think and smile in equal measure. He is one of the theater... More >>

  • Cactus in Winter

    published April 12, 2007

    Listen: You really, really need to go see Animals & Plants at Mad Cat Theatre. I'm not kidding. Go. When you do, here's what will... More >>

  • Ginger (and Fred)

    published April 5, 2007

    I tried going to see Backwards in High Heels backwards in high heels. It didn't work. I am not cut out for the life of reverse drag. I... More >>

  • Free Boardom

    published April 5, 2007

    South Florida is not a great place for surfers. The waves are reliable, but they are seldom huge, and whenever they are huge, it’s a... More >>

  • Celtic Twilight

    published March 29, 2007

    Brian Friel's dramas always reveal as much or more in their textures and atmospheres, in their words and the way they hang together, as they do in... More >>

  • Nature Boys

    published March 22, 2007

    Caryl Churchill's A Number is a play that's superficially about cloning and only slightly less superficially about the nature of... More >>

  • Retreat to Square One

    published March 15, 2007

    The "Director's Note" in the program I received last Friday at Palm Beach Dramaworks revives the old line about Harold Pinter's plays being... More >>

  • When a Man Loves an Oinker

    published March 8, 2007

    GableStage exists mostly to make people squirm. In the past three years, it's presented us with goat fuckers, chicken fuckers, child murderers,... More >>

  • Long Live the Queen

    published March 1, 2007

    There is probably nothing new to say about The Lion in Winter. It was written by James Goldman (who, it is interesting to note, is the... More >>

  • Booze and Theatre

    published February 22, 2007

    It appears that the beer franchise at the Florida Renaissance Festival has been taken over by Warsteiner. In previous years, you could buy Harp,... More >>

  • Vengeance Is Ours

    published February 15, 2007

    "I'm going to tell you a lot of good things about Paul Grellong's Manuscript and the life it's being given by the Inside Out Theatre... More >>

  • Alice Puts Out?

    published February 8, 2007

    Dear Sol Theatre: When I was a little boy, I was a great fan of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. I loved how resourceful... More >>

  • Race Card

    published February 1, 2007

    Art is a lot more important than sociology, and any artist who forgets it is liable to replace drama with polemic. Case in point: Look at the... More >>

  • Filigree Is Everything

    published January 25, 2007

    The Public Theatre of South Florida has spent the past several years in the unenviable role of Little Theater That Could, chugging gamely along,... More >>

  • Avant Grrrrr

    published January 18, 2007

    If you're a tiny little theater with a tiny little budget, there is no better play to tackle than Three Angels Dancing on a Needle, by... More >>

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