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  • A Really Good Reefer Joint

    published June 5, 2008

    Four months ago in this very publication, we announced the first local Reef Fest rally — called Reef Rally — to take place at... More >>

  • They’ll Never Be Big In Burma

    published May 29, 2008

    Prescient or tasteless? That’s the question the men and women of sketch-comedy troupe The Jove must be asking themselves right now, as they... More >>

  • Saving The World, One Perm at a Time

    published May 29, 2008

    A touching, sassy little play about lives intersecting at a beauty shop. This is called Steel Magnolias, unless it involves a she-male and... More >>

  • Ordinary Politics, Extraordinary People

    published May 22, 2008

    Too often, the theater scene in SoFla feels like a mid-'90s Spielberg flick. Tons of chops and potential ruined by the mistaken assumption that... More >>

  • Lies That Help You Over the Hump

    published May 15, 2008

    Chuck Klosterman, an inane and deeply self-involved pop-culture critic, once (once!) had a good point. That was in Chapter 13 of Sex, Drugs,... More >>

  • Forced Marriages

    published May 8, 2008

    In her famous review of The Sound of Music — the one that didn't, by the way, get her fired from McCall's — Pauline... More >>

  • The Blueprint Blues

    published May 1, 2008

    Nanique Gheridian doesn't get out enough. There are probably good reasons for this — being one of the big cheesettes at Palm Beach... More >>

  • Fuzzy Math, Yippy Dogs

    published May 1, 2008

    Cinco de Mayo hits Delray on the tres de Mayo this year, and as the moment draws nigh it is worth taking a look at the illustrious, though... More >>

  • Mystery Dance

    published April 24, 2008

    Running an underfunded young theater company is hard on the soul. You have big plans, transcendent artistic visions. You understand what you... More >>

  • F--king for Chastity

    published April 24, 2008

    How do civic-minded carnivores save animals? By eating meat! Yes! You too can chow down on beef-filled tacos while luxuriating in your own... More >>

  • Following Blueprints

    published April 24, 2008

    Most people can’t build a building, and building people is probably a hell of a lot harder. But Benefactors is about... More >>

  • Your Schwartz Is Bigger

    published April 17, 2008

    One of the most evil and satisfying sensations known to man is the anticipation of contempt. It's a feeling so powerful and pervasive that an... More >>

  • Labia-Loving Catholics

    published April 17, 2008

    Do you know what lesbians love? Catholicism! No. That’s probably a lie, unless you count Camille Paglia. Try again: Do you know what Andrea... More >>

  • Brutal Youth

    published April 10, 2008

    Alan Browne was not a beatnik, so far as I know, but Robert Hooker is. And it's not just the goatee — it's the way Mr. Hooker's Sol... More >>

  • Sushi and Sodomy

    published April 10, 2008

    It’s weird but totally true: Gay men love raw fish. In Wilton Manors, Galangas Thai & Sushi has been the site of more romantic first dates... More >>

  • How Not To Begin a Career In Politics

    published April 3, 2008

    This is the kind of thing that doomed the Roman Empire. There was a time, not long ago, when the knowledge of all the dumb things you did at the... More >>

  • Show Me, Don't Tell Me

    published March 27, 2008

    Before we start hacking into Ward 57, the new Iraq war meditation currently chattering before the footlights at Florida Stage, let's... More >>

  • (There’s Gonna Be) No Kitsching When They Get Ho-o-o-ome

    published March 27, 2008

    The last time Twyla Tharp combined her unique choreographic talents with the music of a genius rock ´n’ roller, the results were…... More >>

  • Arsty Fartsy

    published March 20, 2008

    Sol Theatre was good, and then it was bad, and then it was gone. Somewhere between a mind-melting production of The True Nature of Love and... More >>

  • Local Pagans Get Down With Heavenly Hubba-Hubba

    published March 20, 2008

    The vernal equinox gets ickily Freudian for neopagans who are serious about their theology, for it is the time when the fast-maturing sun... More >>

  • People, Politics, and Paint

    published March 13, 2008

    In the past few weeks, the big headlines for theater people were mostly flashy. Famous plays, mean plays, experimental plays, and big-budget... More >>

  • Cheap Booze For Expensive People

    published March 13, 2008

    Happy Hump Day, dear reader, and congratulations to you for so gracefully surviving at least half of another workweek. Gritty, wily you — at... More >>

  • Shooting the Moon

    published March 6, 2008

    This has not been a boring few weeks for theater people. It seems like every company in the three counties has decided that late February is... More >>

  • The Queen of Ozone Park

    published March 6, 2008

    Let’s not understate the facts just because they’re so wild: Bernadette Peters is the single greatest living exponent of musical... More >>

  • Holy Shatner!

    published February 28, 2008

    In his preshow announcement at Agnes of God, Palm Beach Dramaworks' executive artistic director, Bill Hayes, points out that... More >>

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