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2001 Stories by Bruce Britt

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  • Pink

    published December 20, 2001

    At first glance, it appears Pink is trying to increase her chances of becoming a superstar by transforming herself into a cartoon. The artwork of... More >>

  • P. Diddy & the Bad Boy Family

    published October 18, 2001

    And what a trite saga it is. Following his well-publicized criminal trial and subsequent acquittal, Sean "Puffy" Combs has slithered back into the... More >>

  • Nikka Costa

    published August 23, 2001

    In what surely ranks as the year's most laughable use of subliminal art, Nikka Costa's flawed debut album... More >>

  • Rufus Wainwright

    published August 16, 2001

    Often the best pop music requires a compromise from the listener. Bob Dylan's coyote howl may grate like sandpaper, but tremendous rewards await... More >>

  • R.E.M.

    published June 28, 2001

    When R.E.M. morphed from altrock cult heroes to rock 'n' roll royalty in the late '80s, fans and critics... More >>

  • Depeche Mode

    published June 7, 2001

    Long before marketing geniuses coined the term electronica, Depeche Mode accomplished what few... More >>

  • Various artists

    published May 24, 2001

    Related Link: Interscope Records More >>

Archives: 2001 | 2000 | 1999