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  • 10 months ago | Arts

    A decade ago, Edouard Duval-Carrie gathered a group of Broward high schoolers to talk about Haiti. The artist, who was born in Haiti, wanted to find out what the kids knew about his homeland. "I worked with 20 or 30 kids," he recalls, "a lot of th...

  • 1 year ago | Film and TV

    From Sundance to Toronto to South by Southwest, Miami filmmakers have made their mark on the festival circuit. The city's most buzzed-about collective, Borscht Corp., has had work accepted at major gatherings around the world — but never at ...

  • 1 year ago | Arts

    The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk isn't exactly known as a mecca for high art. "It just goes to this weird lowest common denominator," says artist Robin Merrill. "Really beautiful, intrinsically valuable work has never had a great history on Las Olas....

  • 1 year ago | Arts

    By Ciara LaVelle Some artists stage stuffy openings for their exhibitions, events where black-clad art experts somberly wander a gallery nodding and squinting silently at the walls. Dave Muller is not one of those artists. He's here to rock 'n' ro...

  • Doesn't America promise riches and luxury to people who deserve it? Daniel Lugo-- the lead in Michael Bay's neon-noir ode to Miami, muscle tone, and the modern American dream-- believes so, but is stuck as an underpaid personal trainer at Miami...

  • 3 years ago | Film Reviews

    Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) believes life has cheated him. Doesn't America promise riches and luxury to people who deserve it? He's worked hard to build his body into a hulking knot of muscles; success should follow. But he's stuck as an underpaid...


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