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  • 14 years ago | Music News

    For hipsters, the coolest things are to be found 20 years ago, the most dreadful things ten years ago. So starting a few years back, we were deluged with '80s electro and synth-pop, and we pretended to forget jungle ever existed. Electroclash, the...

  • 15 years ago | Music News

    For 40 bucks, you can buy a device that emits some of the most irritating and beautiful sounds imaginable, a device that not only presents an international kaleidoscope of opinion but also receives secret spy transmissions. Best of all, every time...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    Peaches derives power from her follicles just like Samson did; it's just that hers are shorter and curlier. Witness her self-directed video for "Set It Off," which opens with the Carla-from-Cheers-looking rapper perched on a urinal: a Eurotart in ...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    Autechre, the British posteverything electronic duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, can count on a warm reception in South Florida. Much has been said of the unlikely nexus of Jeep and laptop culture here that stirred an affinity for Autechre's cereb...


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