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2006 Stories by David Downs

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  • Revenge of a King Dork

    published December 21, 2006

    Musician-turned-novelist Frank Portman of the Mr. T Experience has long joked about conceiving his novel King Dork as part of a... More >>

  • Dub Trio

    published August 3, 2006

    Bored with genres? Then this is your album. Brooklyn three-piece Dub Trio contrasts quick, tight, guitar-driven metal with big, open patches of... More >>

  • Kool Keith

    published July 27, 2006

    See what happens when you create nine fucking alter egos under a bajillion different labels with all manner of collaborations? You see?!... More >>

  • Johnny Cash

    published July 27, 2006

    This man is worth more dead than alive. After being immortalized by Joaquin Phoenix in last year's Walk the Line, Johnny Cash rises from... More >>

Archives: 2007 | 2006 | 2005