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  • 13 years ago | Film Reviews

    Did you hear the one about the talking dog? Well, of course you did. If you've ever been to the movies or watched television, then you know that our otherwise silent four-legged friends almost invariably come to verbal life when the cameras roll. ...

  • 14 years ago | Film Reviews

    When it made the rounds of the gay and lesbian film festivals last year, Km. (Kilometer Zero) found itself the winner of several audience awards -- prizes voted on by festivalgoers themselves for the film they happened to enjoy the most. The ense...

  • 16 years ago | Film Reviews

    Times have certainly changed. Twenty years ago a musical about an East German transsexual rock singer would have premiered in one of New York's off off-Broadway theaters or cabarets, run for a couple of weeks, and remained the pleasant memory of a...

  • 16 years ago | Film Reviews

    Outside avant-garde or experimental showcases, short dramatic films used to be little more than a means to an end -- a risky route to an uncertain mainstream future. Getting one made was usually easy enough, as those things go. The hard part was g...

  • 17 years ago | Film Reviews

    Much has changed for urban gays in the 20 years since William Friedkin's Cruising. That controversial serial-killer thriller -- set in the leather bars and after-hours sex clubs of New York's West Village -- was derided by gay-rights activists as ...

  • 17 years ago | Film Reviews

    When John Waters is at his best, as he is in his latest, Cecil B. Demented, he can drive you in in a way few filmmakers have ever managed to do. But recognizing that fact can sometimes be difficult in today's market-driven context. In fact, for th...


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