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1999 Stories by David Norrie

Archives: 1999
  • Short Cuts

    published November 18, 1999

    311 Sound System (Capricorn) Since forming in... More >>

  • Venting Through Verse

    published June 10, 1999

    Dominic Traverzo stands alone in front of a microphone in the dimly lit lounge of Krystals restaurant in Plantation. A multiethnic audience of... More >>

  • Sound Check

    published March 25, 1999

    In 1976 a six-year-old Eric Knight begged his father to take him to a Kiss concert. Dad gave in, and 23 years later Knight is a rock 'n' roller... More >>

  • Sound Check

    published February 25, 1999

    Country singer Brian Eckert doesn't have a hard time finding gigs these days, mostly because he's part-owner of one of the more popular country... More >>

  • Sound Check

    published February 11, 1999

    Groovy baby... outta sight! That's what the hip kids are saying about DJ Geronimo as he spins them back in time to the days when polyester and... More >>

  • Sound Check

    published January 28, 1999

    Ever hear of a musician who doesn't mind people in the audience shouting things at her and interrupting songs? Well, Elizabeth De Bolt encourages... More >>

Archives: 1999