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  • 12 years ago | Music News

    While most "Golden Era" hip-hoppers have retired to community social clubs or made halfhearted, half-cracked attempts at reliving bygone days, Public Enemy has kept chipping away at the cornerstone. While on a seeming hiatus since Apocalypse 91, C...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    Jazzanova has made its mark on long remixes — at times, exceedingly long — for nearly a decade. The six-member German-based collective (or, as the group's label name suggests, Kollektiv) is more geared toward interpretation than creation...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    The evolution of Breakestra has been an auspicious journey of funk and feeling. Bandleader Miles Tackett made a name for himself in Los Angeles as the leader of the weekly Rootdown party, a hangout for conscious and breakthrough hip-hop/soul/funk ...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    Australian native Xavier Rudd is a musical madman; the ambidextrous multi-instrumentalist is proficient at guitar, percussion, and didgeridoo, interlacing them into a sharp, dynamic echo of today's funky folksters. Most interesting is that he play...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    When Stephen Marley croons "Let me out, let me out, I'm an angry lion" during "Iron Bars," strains of Nesta sparkle in the indifferent rage. Indifference, for the Marley family, does not imply a lack of compassion. It's their laid-back assessment ...


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