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  • 2008 - National Society of Newspaper Columnists, published September 27, 2007


  • 2008 - National Society of Newspaper Columnists, published February 8, 2007

    "Atta's Fork"

  • 2008 - National Society of Newspaper Columnists, published March 8, 2007

    "Ten Seconds to Eternity"

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  • Xmas Spirit

    published December 25, 2003

    As the rest of the nation reeled from the thousands of deaths and carnage of 9/11/01 and the anthrax scare that followed, the Boca Raton-based... More >>

  • Ammo Blues

    published December 11, 2003

    Bitching about the system is as much a part of being in the military as bad food and dumb non-coms. But the longstanding complaints by National... More >>

  • That Hand in Your Pocket

    published December 4, 2003

    Big sleek farm animals with blue ribbons attached to their harnesses. Ladies in gingham unveiling the perfect chocolate layer cake or lemon... More >>

  • Workin' for Doodle

    published November 6, 2003

    Marla Somerstein, a 22-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident working in the finance department of the "Bob Graham for President"... More >>

  • No Fish Story

    published October 30, 2003

    Jackie Johnson is just about everybody's favorite weather chick and television feature reporter. The WSVN-TV Channel 7 hottie is "America's... More >>

  • Death Road Revisited

    published October 9, 2003

    Many families have an uncle or a cousin like Charlie Osborne: likable, sunny, smile as big as a house, but a magnet for trouble. In... More >>

  • Four-Star Muddle

    published September 25, 2003

    As Hurricane Isabel was snapping branches and tossing lawn furniture around (and killing 35 people) in North Carolina and Virginia last week,... More >>

  • The First Train to Clark-ville

    published September 18, 2003

    A couple of years from now, if there's a guy named Wesley Clark in the Oval Office, South Floridians will be able to look back to a fateful... More >>

  • Fantasy Interrupted

    published September 4, 2003

    The strippers at Fantasy Lounge go two dances on-stage, two off. The first number is the warm-up, the second is the money shot. About 5 p.m., a... More >>

  • Plop Art

    published August 14, 2003

    In a rare moment of descriptive inspiration, County Commissioner John Rodstrom recently called the kind of art that has been showing up in... More >>

  • They Shoot Up Horses, Don't They?

    published May 29, 2003

    Even before the start of the Gulfstream Park season in January, horse trainer Mark Shuman and his boss, New Hampshire mortgage banker Michael... More >>

  • Stayin' Kinda Alive

    published March 13, 2003

    Thoroughbred racing is an old man's game. The bettors who stand in the shade at the front of Gulfstream Park's clubhouse or saunter through the... More >>

  • Grumbling from the Grassroots

    published February 20, 2003

    Tim Smith is a short, compact man with a quick boyish smile and the watchful, hungry look of a salesman prowling the front of a car lot. On... More >>

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