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2000 Stories by Emma Trelles

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  • Welcome to the Entrada

    published November 16, 2000

    The Entrada Resort & Motel opens its first sleepy eye at dawn. Though the lounge's doors shut only three hours earlier, the horseshoe bar is... More >>

  • Divining Dorothy

    published October 26, 2000

    Dorothy Roberts carefully sets one slipper-clad foot in front of the other. She cradles both ends of what looks like a large, white, plastic... More >>

  • Clif's Carnival

    published October 5, 2000

    While it storms outdoors, Clif Childree slathers white paint on the concrete walls of a Wilton Manors warehouse. His Converse sneakers are... More >>

  • Crowded Cage

    published September 21, 2000

    Last February, as Chris Hanley rode with his stepbrother to a neighborhood video store, Sunrise police pulled over their white Pontiac Grand Am.... More >>

  • Whirlwind Courtship, Jewish Style

    published August 3, 2000

    A kosher café in Sheridan Hills offers its Thursday-evening patrons the smell of tomatoes and garlic simmering from the kitchen and an Old... More >>

  • I Want a New Drug

    published July 13, 2000

    "All I remember is that I was blacking out, and I couldn't move. My feet went numb, and every time I'd try to stand up, I would just go down... More >>

  • Take It to the Ribbit

    published June 1, 2000

    Good thing Norman Padgett has propped a sign at the foot of his unpaved driveway: Frog Legs, Alligator, Turtle Meat. Otherwise it might be... More >>

  • The Grift of Gab

    published May 18, 2000

    Stephen Tashman settles himself on a hardwood chair inside a West Palm Beach federal courtroom, his attention riveted on the morning's... More >>

  • Dr. Doll

    published April 13, 2000

    Gloria Senti scrutinizes the fine cracks crisscrossing her latest patient's bald head. She looks at the instruments fanned out on a table beside... More >>

  • Take the Child and Run

    published February 24, 2000

    Paul Scott Abbott exhibits remarkable composure when discussing his four-year-old daughter, Ashleigh. Smartly dressed in a pressed shirt and... More >>

  • Heaven on Wheels

    published February 17, 2000

    Amy King shuffles into the Gold Coast roller rink garbed as an elf. Her back curves gently like a lowercase r, and she uses a rubber-tipped... More >>

  • Coffin Corner

    published January 6, 2000

    The Last Supper can be yours for just $2498. Not da Vinci's masterpiece or even a quick glimpse of the flesh-and-blood apostles via a little... More >>

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