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2005 Stories by Eric Alan Barton

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  • He Dunnit (No, He Dunnit!)

    published October 20, 2005

    Michael Ray Roberts was just nine miles out of West Palm Beach on August 1 when he spotted what no drug smuggler ever wants to see. Painted... More >>

  • An' Jushtiss f'r All!

    published September 8, 2005

    September 19, 2004, didn't seem to be Marcie Lynn Musgrave's lucky day. The petite blond, two months shy of her 21st birthday, had just... More >>

  • Saint Aaron

    published July 21, 2005

    Somewhere down a maze of rutted dirt roads in a rundown Port-au-Prince neighborhood, past the red gate that keeps out the armed thugs, and through... More >>

  • The Next Ex-Mayor

    published June 9, 2005

    As she ducks into a peach-colored skyscraper in downtown West Palm Beach, Lois Frankel suffers a moment of confusion. "I have no idea what this... More >>

  • Bullet Bob

    published April 28, 2005

    It was ten 'til five on a Wednesday evening when Lisa Sanchez's supervisor at the State Farm office in West Palm Beach asked for a volunteer to... More >>

  • Racing's a Drag

    published April 7, 2005

    In August 2004, Nelson Hoyos sped a Chevy Cobalt across the salt flats of Utah and into racing fame. Over a straight, glassy-smooth seven-mile... More >>

  • Urban Removal

    published March 17, 2005

    Mary Cleare's mother rarely talked about the place where she was born. Her home was a squatter's settlement for the African-Americans who built... More >>

  • Sunk!

    published March 17, 2005

    If you believe Capt. Ernesto Garfias Ramirez's story, the mysterious sinking was straight out of a Joseph Conrad tale. A tugboat called the... More >>

  • Pickpocketing the Public: Part 1

    published March 10, 2005

    Gotten that call yet from FPL? Or the letter in the mail? They're asking you to do your part and tack on an extra $9.75 to your monthly payment.... More >>

  • Trailer Trashed

    published February 10, 2005

    Roger McFayden slurps a spoonful of Honey Bunches of Oats from a Tupperware bowl. He eats ferociously, as if it were his first meal in a... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002