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  • Dorkula

    published December 9, 2004

    They walk among us. They resemble people, approximate our words and actions, present themselves more or less as human. And yet they are more -- a... More >>

  • Peter Panache

    published December 2, 2004

    Oh, that Johnny Depp. Played in some dime-a-dozen rock bands, did some average television, made a few cutesy little movies. Whatever. Yeah, he... More >>

  • Call Him Al

    published November 25, 2004

    If you've ever gone line dancing with a gaggle of amputees on crank and hallucinogens, you know something of the feeling engendered by viewing... More >>

  • Attack of the Clones

    published October 21, 2004

    The Grudge bears the imprimatur of Sam Raimi, but alas, neither his sense of fun nor his smarts. The wunderkind director behind the... More >>

  • Vile with a Smile

    published September 16, 2004

    Essayist. Playwright. Radio personality. Librettist. Actor. Novelist. Now, with Bright Young Things, inimitable British wit Stephen Fry... More >>

  • Gallo's Pole

    published September 9, 2004

    Rare is the film that caters to fans of rabbits, motorcycles, Gordon Lightfoot, and fellatio, but now, thanks entirely to Vincent Gallo, we've got... More >>

  • Live, Baby, Live

    published September 2, 2004

    Some of the people who helped bring you dank, morose amusements such as The Crow, Dark City, and The Matrix have a new movie... More >>

  • Screenplay Zero

    published August 26, 2004

    You know how fear is scary? Well, director E. Elias Merhige is into that, especially in his new serial-killer thriller, Suspect Zero. ... More >>

  • Darkman

    published August 26, 2004

    Edmund Elias Merhige is an artist among hacks. Suspect Zero, the new thriller from the Brooklyn-born, L.A.-based filmmaker, employs a lot of... More >>

  • Banzai Beat

    published August 19, 2004

    Say hello to a pop-cinema masterpiece. This Japanese import opens with a massive thud not unlike Godzilla's footfall, and its cinematic... More >>

  • I'll Sleep When I'm Bored

    published August 5, 2004

    It would be nice to declare "Fans of Mike Hodges, rejoice!" or some such thing at the arrival of the veteran director's latest film -- but alas,... More >>

  • King Artless

    published July 8, 2004

    Behold what is, in theory, the thinking person's ideal summer blockbuster. King Arthur features some of the planet's most beautiful people,... More >>

  • George of the Bungle

    published June 24, 2004

    A strong toxin requires a strong antidote. In the case of the Bush administration, the cure is being served in significant part by Michael Moore,... More >>

  • Flakes Gone Loco

    published June 10, 2004

    It's a sign that a nation may be losing its collective mind when it grants a nutty hack like Quentin Tarantino an exalted title like Officer of... More >>

  • After the Fall

    published May 27, 2004

    Written and directed by David Mackenzie, based on the novel by Alexander Trocchi. Starring Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan, and Emily... More >>

  • The World According to Ki-duk

    published May 13, 2004

    Ever-evolving, always changing, the universe nonetheless sustains many constants: Hair metal never really goes away; British women inevitably... More >>

  • Monster Smash

    published May 6, 2004

    We must keep the atmosphere electrified!" creepy Igor announces in reference to an abominable experiment in Van Helsing, but he could be... More >>

  • Teen Spleen

    published April 29, 2004

    One thing few may mention about Mean Girls is that it could have been unrelentingly terrible. It isn't -- it's actually pretty fabulous on... More >>

  • Blarney Rubble

    published April 22, 2004

    As a proud sponsor of the Colin Farrell media blitz, Intermission opens on the lad's salable mug, basically sporting the same buzz-cut 'n'... More >>

  • Punk Monk

    published March 18, 2004

    It's a bit unorthodox to ladle superlatives all over a film in the opening paragraph, but The Reckoning deserves them. Moving, gripping,... More >>

  • A Spoonful of Sugarman

    published February 26, 2004

    So this grown man walks into another teen-girl movie. He is not stunned to learn that it concerns clothes, fun, clothes, peer pressure, and... More >>

  • Rites of Spring

    published February 19, 2004

    It is so very nice when a movie completely outstrips the expectations conjured by its trailer, as is the case with The Dreamers. At first... More >>

  • Gettin' Windy in the City

    published February 12, 2004

    Whoops, franchise! Way back in 2002, who would have believed that a comedy starring rapper Ice Cube (née O'Shea Jackson) would be a hit,... More >>

  • Dude, Where's My Temporal Orientation?

    published January 29, 2004

    There is a recent generation of American men who came of age too late for free love and wanton property grabbing and too early for post-grunge... More >>

  • Oh-la-la!

    published January 22, 2004

    Behold a tale of true love (between a boy and a bicycle), of tireless courage (from a bitty grandmother with a clubfoot), and of a very shocking... More >>

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