• @hannahgetshappy
    28 March, 2017

    4 Vegan Fashion Brands That’ll Inspire Your Spring Wardrobe - https://t.co/7SqrL6lrBU Please Retweet! via @TryVeg

  • @hannahgetshappy
    27 March, 2017

    Wake up America! Call your Congressman/woman ASAP! https://t.co/bU7qS9VMYb

  • @hannahgetshappy
    26 March, 2017

    RT @JoelOsteen: Everything may not be perfect, there are things that need to change but you have the grace to be happy today.

  • @hannahgetshappy
    24 March, 2017

    How absolutely gorgeous is this black-bellied whistling duck I spotted at Lake Ella today?! 😍… https://t.co/waTSlhMdXS

  • @hannahgetshappy
    24 March, 2017

    Currently eating a veggie dog topped with lettuce, tomato, saurkraut, BBQ sauce, and pickles.… https://t.co/JCAKpltRi6


Hannah Sentenac


Hannah Sentenac covers veg food, drink, pop culture, travel, and animal advocacy issues. In addition to the Miami New Times, she's written for Live Happy magazine, Paste magazine, Thive magazine, and MindBodyGreen.com. Hannah is also editor-in-chief of LatestVeganNews.com.

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