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  • 2007 - Sunshine State Awards/South Florida Society of Professional Journalists, published August 24, 2006

    "Rim Job"

  • 2006 - The Green Eyeshade Excellence in Journalism Awards/Atlanta SPJ, published May 26, 2005

    "Mr. Big Shot"

2004 Stories by Jeff Stratton

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  • A Sort of Sanctuary

    published December 23, 2004

    Plenty of stout fellows and fair maidens have passed through Sherwood Forest, bedding down for a night or two in the pines. A few dozen call it... More >>

  • See You Later, Navigator

    published December 16, 2004

    When Tracy McGrady Jr. landed a multimillion-dollar contract by signing with the Orlando Magic, one of the first things the Central Florida... More >>

  • Laptop Pimpin'

    published November 18, 2004

    For 15 years, David Silverburg couldn't shake loose his secret identity. Eventually, it just took over. "I was so fuckin' normal," he says... More >>

  • Passion of the Fruit

    published October 28, 2004

    Jamaican folks sing the praises of Devon House, a Kingston landmark and popular purveyor of island-style ice cream. But instead of booking the... More >>

  • Here Puppy! Nice Puppy!

    published October 28, 2004

    After a Skinny Puppy concert this summer, electronic keyboarder cEvin Key was greeted by an enthralled female fan, joyous at having just... More >>

  • Pain in the Bike Lane

    published October 14, 2004

    John McCurdy knew riding his bicycle down Delray Beach's scenic stretch of A1A could be treacherous. Sharing the road with cars meant he ran the... More >>

  • Requiem for a Murdered Poet

    published October 7, 2004

    Hall Pass was Lorrie Tennant's last poem. She read it aloud on the night of August 25 at Hollywood's Ginger Bay Cafe, one of a string of... More >>

  • Jamaica Yes Problem

    published September 2, 2004

    Listen up, Jamaicans. There are approximately 5 million of you on the planet -- 2.6 million on the island and another 2.5 million living in... More >>

  • Too Many Grams

    published August 5, 2004

    "If you get busted for drugs over there, you're in for the hassle of your life." -- ominous, 1970s-era U.S. Public Service... More >>

  • D.O.A. Delivery

    published July 29, 2004

    Some sadistic soul has placed South Florida's sun directly overhead and cranked up the heat to the "July" notch, brutalizing the small Lake Worth... More >>

  • Gay in Jamaica

    published June 24, 2004

    When Desmond Chambers found the corpse of his friend, Brian Williamson, he couldn't believe the carnage. Blood was spattered on all four walls of... More >>

  • Granny's Roughnecks

    published June 24, 2004

    What would Granny do? Probably take him to the hospital. But tonight, stitches and duct tape will have to suffice for Al Michael. Michael was... More >>

  • Shift Storm

    published June 10, 2004

    The time has come -- now that Spandex pants, high kicks, and leg splits are back in vogue -- for dormant local legend Stickshift Lover to... More >>

  • Pink Dot Dash

    published June 3, 2004

    The official story of the Legendary Pink Dots' name mentions a keyboard player who needed nail polish to remember the notes. Yet leader... More >>

  • Crashing Glass

    published May 20, 2004

    Sunday, November 30, 2003, was the last day of Kemar Campbell's Thanksgiving vacation. There's no way he could have known it would be the last... More >>

  • Next Stop, Nowhere

    published April 15, 2004

    And we were doing so well. Just a few minutes after the northbound Tri-Rail train begins its jaunt from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, we... More >>

  • Manson Family Feud

    published April 15, 2004

    Inside the conference room of the Hallandale Beach headquarters of Empire Musicwerks, the order is given to kill the lights. Label honcho Paul... More >>

  • Poulain

    published April 8, 2004

    Poulain front man Isaac Lekach was named Best Solo Performer last year in the New Times 2003 Best Of issue. Though some Best Of recipients... More >>

  • Battle of the Bugs

    published March 11, 2004

    Every Tuesday, Frank Burgos receives a fresh shipment of cold wasps. Bred for bloodthirstiness in a Puerto Rico government laboratory, 4,000 of... More >>

  • The Width of a Circle

    published February 19, 2004

    In these uncertain times, of one thing I'm certain: This is the very last Bandwidth. Ever. There. I said it, and I'm glad. In the final... More >>

  • Death Warmed Over

    published February 12, 2004

    Since the beginning of time (roughly the spring of 2000 for yours truly), the easiest band to write about from our peninsula tip has been Death... More >>

  • Whirl, little dervishes

    published February 5, 2004

    Some bandmates find one another through want ads. Others meet in high school, college, or at shitty day jobs. But one night back in 1989, four... More >>

  • Gingerbread Man

    published January 29, 2004

    Dressed in a faded pair of jeans cut off just below the knee and a clean, white wife beater with a tiny two-piece swimsuit underneath, grooving to... More >>

  • For the Want of a Timpani

    published January 29, 2004

    On a January morning of such meteorological perfection that it felt like a summer afternoon on the backside of Pike's Peak, vultures circled a... More >>

  • Hit Her with Your Bet Shot

    published January 29, 2004

    The pen is mightier than the small willy, especially when wielded by small-willied music journalists all too eager to oversimplify the truth for... More >>

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