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  • The Whole World in His Hands

    published November 23, 2006

    For progressives lifted, however temporarily, by the swell of a turning tide, Bobby can be seen clearly for what it is — an... More >>

  • Anchor, Man?

    published November 9, 2006

    Once an actor gets big enough to take whatever kind of role he wants, it makes sense that the biggest stretch imaginable, given his current... More >>

  • The Harder They Come

    published October 19, 2006

    The sex is real in John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus; only the setting — an animated New York cityscape, benignly watched over... More >>

  • Prenuptual Aggrievement

    published August 24, 2006

    Farce is an ideal clearing ground for hostility. Like mystery, it's a genre that typically passes through disruption en route to the restoration... More >>

  • Ain't No Sunshine

    published August 17, 2006

    Like the shambling VW van its hapless characters steer from Albuquerque to Redondo Beach, Little Miss Sunshine is a rickety vehicle that... More >>

  • Slithering Heights

    published August 17, 2006

    Snakes on a Plane represents the ideal of contemporary major-studio filmmaking — which is to say, major-studio marketing. Who needs... More >>

  • Absolutely Fabulist

    published August 10, 2006

    What's the difference between a good liar and a good storyteller? The answer, or the lack of an answer, is a mystery at the heart of The Night... More >>

  • All-Day Suckers

    published July 13, 2006

    Perhaps no one can pinpoint the exact moment vaudeville died, but there's a moment early in Strangers With Candy where you'd swear you had... More >>

  • Kicking French Ass

    published June 8, 2006

    Let's trade, action fans. Give up all 126 minutes of Mission: Impossible III's digitized bloat and torture games, along with... More >>

  • Confessions of a Horndog

    published June 1, 2006

    ost memoirs, like off-brand hot dogs, should come with labels that list their suspect ingredients. Outrage over James Frey aside, does anyone... More >>

  • Being Bettie

    published May 25, 2006

    If you can tell a society by its smut, America in the 1950s couldn't have been just a Frigidaire of repressive hysteria. Hidden somewhere in the... More >>

  • Only in America

    published May 4, 2006

    In 1817, a Tennessee landowner named John Bell was startled by a bizarre creature, described as a dog with a rabbit's head, which materialized in... More >>

  • Letter Perfect

    published April 27, 2006

    Every year, when ESPN broadcasts the Scripps National Spelling Bee, a tiny flutter of hope rises in anyone who cherishes the life of the mind.... More >>

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