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  • 13 years ago | Music News

    While most people use their basements for washing clothes or hiding bodies, Paul Westerberg has been busy pumping out a steady stream of records from his Minneapolis subterranean studio. If you're a fan of the more bipolar ragings on Grandpaboy, y...

  • 13 years ago | Concerts

    With tours supporting Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it didn't take long for the Stills to get noticed and eventually signed with much hype and fanfare to Vice magazine's record label. The Montreal, Canada-based quartet's album, Logic Will Brea...

  • 14 years ago | Music News

    "It may turn out to be a lovely morning mist as perceived through mosquito netting, or it may turn out to be the swerves of a scenic drive as felt by the horizontal passenger of an ambulance." -- Vladimir Nabokov, on Stanley Kubrick's film version...

  • 14 years ago | Music News

    Remember your first bike? Whether it was a black BMX complete with a handlebar shield and the number 9 or a pseudo-Huffy with a pink banana seat and handlebar tassels, it was still freedom on two wheels. After destroying it by jumping over wood ra...

  • 14 years ago | Music News

    The fab four from Nova Scotia signed a pact indeed, with producer Tom Rothrock, who guided Sloan down the halls of Power Chord Valhalla for its seventh record. A self-described AC/DC fan, Rothrock convinced Sloan that there's no shame in stadium c...

  • 14 years ago | Music News

    Let's say you die, go to heaven (or final resting place of your choosing), and God (or deity of your choosing) meets you at the gates. He takes you to his palatial mansion where he has a feast waiting for you in the breakfast nook; pancakes, biscu...


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