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1998 Stories by Jonathan Lesser

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  • Allman Joy

    published December 24, 1998

    Whenever Gregg Allman performs, three plastic cups sit atop his Hammond B-3 organ. For a long time, they contained vodka and cranberry juice;... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published November 19, 1998

    R.E.M. Up (Warner Bros.) R.E.M. has been a lot of things since its well-documented, small-town beginnings: underground... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published November 5, 1998

    Aerosmith A Little South of Sanity (Geffen) Ever wonder what an Aerosmith concert is like? If so, A Little South of Sanity, the... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published September 24, 1998

    Roy Montgomery And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down Through It (Drunken Fish) Roy Montgomery is a different kind of... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published August 27, 1998

    Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Avenue (Elektra) Here's a collaboration for you: the English punk veteran Billy Bragg, the American... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published August 13, 1998

    Natalie Merchant Ophelia (Elektra) The old-time twirl girl is back. And so is her unmistakable, ethereal voice and lush,... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published June 18, 1998

    Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves (DGC) Unlike any other album Sonic Youth has released in the last decade, A Thousand Leaves has... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published June 4, 1998

    Lenny Kravitz 5 (Virgin) Even the casual Lenny Kravitz fan knows that Lisa Bonet's old flame is, to put it nicely, a... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published May 21, 1998

    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Walking Into Clarksdale (Atlantic) Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have produced some of the best rock... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published May 7, 1998

    Bonnie Raitt Fundamental (Capitol Records) Bonnie Raitt, bless her soul, didn't go the Eric Clapton/Robbie Robertson/Madonna... More >>

  • Wise Asses

    published April 16, 1998

    This is the story of a clever, calculating, music-marketing machine. To date, it's resulted in no platinum-selling album, no hit single, and no... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published April 9, 1998

    Jono Manson Little Big Man (Paradigm Records) If you've never heard of Jono Manson before, it's understandable. Though he's been... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published March 26, 1998

    The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Crystal Ball (NPG Records) "I've got grooves and grooves on the shelf," a cocky Prince... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published March 5, 1998

    Mark Eitzel Caught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby (Matador) It's hard to imagine a better title... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published February 19, 1998

    Ani DiFranco Little Plastic Castle (Righteous Babe) Spice who? The real story behind girl power is Ani DiFranco, the... More >>

Archives: 1999 | 1998