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  • 10 years ago | Concerts

    Known primarily for his role as bassist in Bela Fleck's Grammy-winning New Grass Revival band the Flecktones, Victor Wooten is a phenomenal composer and bandleader in his own right. Widely respected by fellow musicians and acclaimed by the bass co...

  • 11 years ago | Concerts

    Perpetually clad in flip-flops and baggy shorts, flaunting the kind of deep skin tone and shaggy golden hair only a lifetime on the beach can achieve, Sammy Zuniga doesn't look like your typical music impresario. But local music fans know the inte...

  • 11 years ago | Music News

    We considered running for this review a roll call of every genre and reference point that Feathers touches upon in this five-song EP. But then we realized we simply don't have the space. Yes, this is merely an album of music. But it distills so ma...

  • 11 years ago | Music News

    Eureka! Scientists just discovered that Comets on Fire is the missing link in rock 'n' roll evolution. The hard-hitting noiseniks provide the connection between late-'60s vintage Grateful Dead and Paranoid-era Black Sabbath, long theorized but unt...

  • 11 years ago | Concerts

    You know what they say: Lesh is more. Or is it, "Bass great, Lesh Philling?" Whatever — you could probably care Lesh. But unLesh you've been living inside a VW microbus for the past 40 years — actually, because you've been living inside ...

  • 12 years ago | Concerts

    It's melodic, it's anthemic, it's smart, it's louder than hell: It's the new heavy metal, and Pelican is one of its foremost purveyors. Formed in the early '00s from the ashes of Tusk, another acclaimed, high-volume project, the Chicago quartet fu...


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