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  • 17 years ago

    Wearing a metallic red spandex top with holes that show off her melon-size breasts, a matching skirt slit to the top of her model-long legs, and silver lace-up go-go boots with four-inch stiletto heels, Leslie Glass is dressed for work. Writhing o...

  • 17 years ago

    Lured by a tantalizing radio ad, 130 first-time homebuyers crowded into the offices of a nonprofit organization called 100 Black Men last March, anxious to hear how they could purchase their own houses. Andre Williams, president of 100 Black Men o...

  • 17 years ago | Longform

    Dozens of worshipers packed the Sunday-night service at Grace Christian World Church last December to hear the words of a visiting minister who had traveled all the way from Montreal. The members' dress was more casual than that of the morning chu...

  • 18 years ago

    The mission of the people who fought for district government in Hollywood was noble. The goal was to seat a minority on the city commission for the first time in the city's 75-year history. The districting proponents also wanted to give residents ...

  • 18 years ago | Longform

    Bill Wetzel fidgeted in the waiting room of the Repository, a Fort Lauderdale sperm bank, while a technician retrieved his seed from the stainless steel vessel where it had languished in deep freeze for six years. In a scene straight out of 2001: ...

  • 18 years ago

    Leon Hendricks squeezes his linebacker frame into a kitchen chair in his modest Lauderdale Lakes house, the television blaring sports in the background, as always. The curtains are drawn in the dark, cramped living room, the focal point of which i...


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