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2003 Stories by Kiran Aditham

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  • Trapist

    published December 18, 2003

    Improvisation doesn't always equal innovation. Sometimes, the lack of connection among a group of musicians can result in nothing short of a... More >>

  • T. Raumschmiere

    published December 4, 2003

    As the electro movement's glitz-addled popularity seems to have waned in the past year, it's only inevitable that a new form of punk rebellion... More >>

  • Richard Devine

    published November 20, 2003

    After recent, overindulgent, and sometimes-uninspired offerings from the experimental ilk, there seemed to be a stagnant air in this genre. Then... More >>

  • Symphony of Distortion

    published October 9, 2003

    With a name that immediately strikes curiosity and perhaps deserves a good-natured chuckle, Los Angelinos Kittens for Christian may sound... More >>

  • Tale of Two Johns

    published September 25, 2003

    Movie documentaries can veer in many directions, from shocking investigative reporting, like Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line, to nine-hour... More >>

  • The Toxic Offender

    published July 10, 2003

    Though the word auteur gets tossed around in the film industry like a salad (Vincent Gallo?!), many seem to overlook the real progenitors... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003