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  • Three Down

    published December 8, 2005

    How many more to go? THU 12/8 You know the gods of mainstream rock are smiling down on... More >>

  • Street Fighting Dan

    published December 1, 2005

    Danny Diablo takes on Fort Lauderdale THU 12/1 Fred Durst and his ilk of rap-metal... More >>

  • Teenage Kicks

    published November 24, 2005

    It may appear to be named after a Beatles song, but Huntington Beach, California,'s HelloGoodbye claims its name was lifted from an episode... More >>

  • Smart Guy

    published November 24, 2005

    He's trying his best, at least FRI 11/25 Judging from the play's name, one might assume... More >>

  • Ska Against the Machine

    published November 17, 2005

    ¨Worship Jeff Spicoli, not Chris Cornell/Get a pair of Vans or God´ll send you to hell.¨ No, this isn´t an... More >>

  • Sheet Shaker

    published November 17, 2005

    Any music writer will tell you 1979 was a great year for punk and new wave. By that standard, brainy and tenacious Ted Leo is a music... More >>

  • Spice It Up

    published November 10, 2005

    Everything's better with garlic FRI 11/11 Hurricane Wilma may have had some potent... More >>

  • Boss Sound

    published November 3, 2005

    There isn't much to say about Bruce Springsteen that hasn't been said a billion times. The thing is, that for perhaps the only time in rock... More >>

  • Scream On

    published October 27, 2005

    FRI 10/28 God created the heavens and the Earth over the course of six days, they say, and on the seventh day, he rested. Somewhere around... More >>

  • Frankenstein?

    published October 20, 2005

    Is that you? WED 10/26 When Rob Thomas learns that Bat Boy: The... More >>

  • Snowbirds of Rock

    published October 13, 2005

    Our Lady Peace heads south for the fall SAT 10/15 Rock is a dying genre. Not rock 'n'... More >>

  • Saxon the City

    published October 6, 2005

    Neo-prog shores up at Dada SUN 10/9 A million years ago (OK, so maybe more like 30),... More >>

  • Repent!

    published September 29, 2005

    And pray to the Wrong-Eyed Jesus THU 9/29 Amid the calamitous ruins left by Hurricane... More >>

  • Black Power

    published September 29, 2005

    Feel the wrath of Lewis Black SAT 10/1 Listening to an angry 57-year-old white guy shout... More >>

  • Gothabilly

    published September 22, 2005

    HorrorPops bring it on SUN 9/25 After years of enthralling European fans with their... More >>

  • 'Toon In

    published September 15, 2005

    Hip-hop's happy-happy joy-joy SAT 9/17 First of all, it's not "meena-meena"; it's... More >>

Archives: 2007 | 2006 | 2005