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  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published April 5, 2007

    "Fight Club"

  • 2008 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 5, 2007

    "Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em"

  • 2007 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published July 20, 2006

    "Unreal Estate"

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  • Beat It

    published December 12, 2002

    Of all the movies you could be spending your December with -- and there are many good choices, from Oscar-bait to better-than-expected sequels... More >>

  • That's Better

    published December 5, 2002

    Robert De Niro has always loved an acting challenge, but lately those challenges have been less along the lines of "Can I convincingly play a... More >>

  • George in Space

    published November 28, 2002

    The smart sci-fi fan knows that, technically speaking, Steven Soderbergh's Solaris is not a remake of Andrei Tarkovsky's film at all but... More >>

  • After Schlock

    published November 21, 2002

    The advantage of making a Christmas movie is that, no matter how mediocre your final product is, it's all but guaranteed to show up on at least... More >>

  • All Right Now

    published November 14, 2002

    The question "All right?" is asked of every character, on many occasions, throughout Mike Leigh's latest film All or Nothing. That... More >>

  • Tickle Me Elmo

    published October 17, 2002

    As pharmacologist Elmo McElroy in Formula 51, Samuel L. Jackson initially sports a seriously silly fake afro along with hippy-dippy threads... More >>

  • Cut Rate

    published September 12, 2002

    For those with any kind of pop cultural memory, it's more than a little surprising to see Ice Cube in a movie like Barbershop. Not because... More >>

  • Fear the Creeper

    published September 5, 2002

    If you're looking for a horror film to revitalize the genre, keep looking. If you're looking for a horror movie with believable characters... yes,... More >>

  • Photo Opportunity

    published September 5, 2002

    When Robin Williams was America's favorite funnyman in films like Mrs. Doubtfire, it always felt a little strange admitting that the guy... More >>

  • Cruel Summer

    published August 15, 2002

    Let's all agree on one thing from the outset: The poster for Blue Crush is fantastic. It has a great color scheme; actresses Michelle... More >>

  • Thunderbald

    published August 8, 2002

    In case you didn't happen to read the tagline on the ubiquitous poster, Xander Cage, also known as XXX because he's tattooed his first... More >>

  • Sunny Delight

    published July 25, 2002

    It's daunting to hear that John Sayles's new film, Sunshine State, is almost two and a half hours long and consists mostly of calm... More >>

  • Bet on Black

    published July 4, 2002

    Like a Jawbreaker that changes color every few seconds that you suck it, MIIB: Men in Black II delivers a quick buzz, lots of stuff to look... More >>

  • Unholy Communion

    published June 27, 2002

    If it's possible for a film to be simultaneously ambitious and banal, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys is both. There's little here we... More >>

  • Shadows of the Empire

    published May 16, 2002

    Three years have passed since The Phantom Menace thrilled some and infuriated others, yet the schism in the Church of Lucas remains.... More >>

  • Rock in Role

    published April 18, 2002

    Say this about World Wrestling Federation Entertainment head honcho Vince McMahon: He knows what his fans want. Few movies have ever been as... More >>

  • Forty Dazed

    published February 28, 2002

    For an industry notorious for its test screenings, focus groups, and obsession with what will play best in the heartland, the movie business... More >>

  • Cop Out

    published February 14, 2002

    Give Super Troopers a little credit. It's slightly better than its abysmal trailer, which manages to intersperse the least-funny scenes... More >>

  • Cheaters Never Win

    published January 31, 2002

    It's astonishing just how open Screen Gems has been about showing Slackers to the reviewing press well in advance of deadlines. Dim,... More >>

  • Hell and Back

    published January 17, 2002

    Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, based on reporter Mark Bowden's factual account... More >>

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