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2004 Stories by Michael Mills

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  • Hamburg on Birdseed Buns

    published December 16, 2004

    A nude man coats himself in honey and rolls in birdseed until his entire body is covered. He then enters a large enclosure, a sort of cage made of... More >>

  • Finders Keepers

    published December 2, 2004

    For the dazzling new show "Cut: Film as Found Object," the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in North Miami has been transformed into a... More >>

  • Through a Fractured Lens

    published November 18, 2004

    The Schmidt Center Gallery at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton has to be one of the most underappreciated display spaces in South... More >>

  • Recycled Reality

    published November 4, 2004

    It gives me no great pleasure to point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, especially when he's traipsing through the galleries of one of... More >>

  • Degrees of Separation

    published October 21, 2004

    Uruguayan artist Ignacio Iturria works with such a dramatically diminished palette that you could be forgiven for wondering if his local art... More >>

  • Current Art Shows

    published September 16, 2004

    Once a year, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale puts together a show featuring the work of some of its instructors. This year, the show had some... More >>

  • Unnoticed Masterpieces

    published September 2, 2004

    If you've visited any of South Florida's major museums in the past few years -- and if you haven't, I don't even know how to begin chastising you... More >>

  • Art, Meet Commerce

    published August 26, 2004

    My first visit to Art on the Edge Gallery & Design Center started inauspiciously. I got lost (my fault) and wandered around Oakland Park... More >>

  • More at MoA

    published August 12, 2004

    Only a year or so ago, the Museum of Art (MoA) in Fort Lauderdale seemed a lost cause. With dwindling revenues, a leadership crisis, and... More >>

  • Cuisine de Pop

    published July 29, 2004

    The show's title -- "All You Can Eat: New Work by Sue Irion, Gavin Perry, and Mette Tommerup" -- makes it sound like an aesthetic buffet of... More >>

  • Woman Rediscovered

    published July 15, 2004

    There it is on a wall at the far end of the first floor of the Boca Raton Museum of Art -- "the picture." It has been described as one of the... More >>

  • Artful Ornithology

    published July 1, 2004

    Do birds have any idea what extraordinary creatures they are? How could they not? No other animals are capable of flight and song. Just... More >>

  • See-Through Virtuosity

    published June 17, 2004

    Maybe it was that name, shimmering with possibilities: "Othoniel: Crystal Palace." I envisioned some magical environment out of, say,... More >>

  • Twin Peaks

    published June 3, 2004

    The lettering on the wall at the top of the grand staircase at Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Art (MoA) says it all: "Ansel Adams & Clyde Butcher."... More >>

  • Embler-matic Art

    published May 20, 2004

    It's easy to miss the relatively new Embler Art Gallery, on the northwest corner of SE 13th Avenue and Las Olas Boulevard. It's a small... More >>

  • Wandering Joo

    published April 29, 2004

    Maybe it's fitting that my reactions to "Michael Joo" are split right down the middle. By most accounts (including the artist's), Joo's... More >>

  • Black Is Back

    published March 25, 2004

    Maybe it's leftover vibes from the highly successful "Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes." Maybe it's the presence of a new... More >>

  • Connecting the Dots

    published March 11, 2004

    Painter David Maxwell is sitting in the spacious backyard at his Miramar duplex (one of his daughters lives in the front half) when I arrive for a... More >>

  • Of Artists and CEOs

    published February 26, 2004

    Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about "Embracing the Present: The UBS PaineWebber Art Collection," a show at Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Art... More >>

  • Dahling, You Look So Accessorized!

    published February 12, 2004

    When my editor suggested I pay a visit to the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History in Delray Beach to see a show called "Hats, Handbags &... More >>

  • Art Is Where You Find It

    published January 29, 2004

    The gallery at ArtServe is hardly the most hospitable display space in Broward County. It's housed in a branch of the Broward County Library,... More >>

  • Asphalt Artsy

    published January 15, 2004

    It's a sure sign that "the season" is in full throttle when art fairs start springing up on the streets of South Florida. Having not attended one... More >>

  • Unreal Realism

    published January 1, 2004

    It's fitting that the young American artist Inka Essenhigh has a series of paintings called "People that do weird things to their bodies," because... More >>

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